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Public Outreach and Issue Management

Lucy & Company

Lucy & Company has been providing policy, strategy and outreach solutions to local government agencies, associations and special districts in California for 25 years. Lucy and her team have managed countless controversial and issue-focused public relations programs to ensure the community’s voice is heard and considered throughout project development.

We are a full-service public relations firm that excels in public outreach, community engagement and issue management. Our primary vertical markets are water, economic development, energy, transportation, solid waste, public works and flood control. Many programs involve environmental, climate change and sustainability public relations where we coordinate closely with stakeholders, community members and NGOs.

Lucy & Company also specializes in behavior change public relations. We’ve helped our clients meet stringent state-mandated water conservation regulations through targeted community engagement and outreach. Our flood preparedness, used oil recycling, and fats, oils and grease disposal outreach has earned our clients national, statewide and regional communication awards for successful strategies and results.

Lucy Eidam Crocker founded our woman-owned, Sacramento-based firm in 1995. We are creative, results-driven professionals dedicated to helping clients of all sizes with their programs, projects and services.

Public Relations | Public Outreach

We help our clients talk to their customers and stakeholders about programs that affect them. Whether it’s a big infrastructure project or important rate increase, Lucy & Company conducts research, determines the appropriate strategy and recommends the best tools to reach your objective.

Community Engagement

Lucy & Company helps our clients engage in meaningful, collaborative dialog with community members, leaders and stakeholders.  We disseminate your information to the community, hear their input and refine your programs based on what you hear.

Issue Management

Lucy & Company helps you manage sensitive issues in a transparent and proactive manner. We work with you to make sure the public has a voice and their opinions are heard and considered. We are known for being fair, timely and solution-oriented.

What Sets Lucy & Company Apart

We know the issues, insights and inner-workings of our public agency clients. With almost 25 years in business, Lucy & Company can gauge how the public thinks and feels about particular projects and programs. We are passionate about what we do. And, it shows in every strategic plan, every message, every website and every detail we manage.

Lucy & Company helped Sacramento Utilities on outreach for this iconic intake structure.

We Help Bring Outreach Solutions

Lucy & Company has helped clients get hundreds of miles of pipeline, new water treatment plants, intermodal stations and new bike, pedestrian or auto bridges designed and constructed. We also serve the public industry sector, including police and fire. We do this while listening to and refining projects based on community input and concerns. Community input makes the projects better and brings #realsolutions

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